It's a shopping, networking, fashion show with a twist event!

Clothing is imperative, but don't let your body become a living hanger. Ooze confidence, create long lines, and protect your body all by learning how to present yourself. How? Power Posture.

What is Power Posture: Power Posture is looking good, feeling great, and creating the healthiest, strongest body you can... all with proper body alignment.

Learn the Power Posture steps as real people strut their stuff on the Athleta in-store runway. And, as an added bonus, check out Athleta's new Spring clothing!

What to do with this new, properly aligned body?

Network! Mix and Mingle with the Women of Murray Hill Institute a not-for- profit committed to helping women integrate ethical standards into their personal and professional lives.

We will have light bites, drinks, and experiences to mix, mingle, and even shop!

Added bonus: exclusive in-store discount for all attendees!

Alessa Caridi, The Power Posture Pro. Alessa believes fashion isn't just about what you wear it's HOW you wear it and that makes posture king! Alessa is the creator of JōbuFIT ( a fitness program teaching busy professionals how to protect their bodies using proper posture and rotating short workouts that can be completed anywhere, really anywhere. Alessa is also a board member at MHI. Join Alessa as she shares her love for fashion and proper body alignment at the March 9th event.