A podcast style conversation on identifying, confronting and eradicating fear
with Bevin Prince and Brittney Levine

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Murray Hill Place
243 Lexington Avenue (corner of 34th Street)
New York, NY 10016

Founders of Be My Neighbor podcast, Bevin Prince and Brittney Levine have spent their lives building up their backbones by constantly throwing themselves out there and dealing with rejection in media. Both women are on a mission to not only elevate each other, but to keep learning and evolving, together with their neighborly listeners along for the ride.

Bevin Prince is a professional actress from Wilmington, North Carolina, best known for her role on the CW's One Tree Hill. Since moving to New York City, Bevin has continued acting and transitioned into the world of fitness, as a senior instructor for SoulCycle. Following her passion of promoting balanced health, intentional living and inspired fitness, Bevin also currently serves as an inspirational coach for private clients as well as an ambassador for Lululemon.  

Being around the top trends and fashions day to night, Style and Trend Expert, Brittney Levine, covers everything from women’s accessories and makeovers, to men’s grooming and sports, catering each one of her segments to how every viewer can get the most “bang for their buck.” Having appeared on NBC’s Today Show, E! News, EXTRA, QVC and Inside Edition, Brittney loves working with new businesses and launching products across fashion, beauty, lifestyle and entertainment sects.