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Learn how to acquire perfect posture and sustainable high productivity in your workplace

Alessa Caridi, Owner of JobuFIT

Alessa Caridi is a certified IM=X Pilates instructor, artist, and dance technician. She has a passion for perfecting her healthy self, fully understanding the wonderful machine that is the human body, and passing along her knowledge to her clients. Alessa’s passions were ignited during her time at University of California, Los Angeles where she studied anatomy and performing arts and obtained her B.A. in World Arts and Cultures, Dance Concentration.

JobuFIT is modeled after the everyday workouts of the people of Japan—one of the world’s healthiest nations. JobuFIT offers unique bimonthly functional fitness routines that can be completed all from your office workspace. Just enough time for you to master a workout without getting bored, and it can be completed daily in about 10 minutes!

Read more at jobufit.com.

Seminar preceded by wine and cheese reception. 
Admission: $5 online, $10 on-site
Complimentary admission for past and current MHI mentees and mentors.

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