Professional women from ages 22 to 35 will be partnered with experienced professionals who support the values of MHI: 

Person-centered leadership
Ethics defined by positive social impact
Cultural richness rooted in our common humanity

Meeting topics:

  • Goal Setting

  • Career Development

  • Effective Communication

  • Self-Promotion

  • Managing Interpersonal Relationships (peers, managers, conflict resolution)

  • Effective Networking

  • Leadership Development

  • Maintaining Life Balance (work/life, giving back)


  • Self-confidence booster

  • Professional mentor outside one’s current workplace

  • Guidance and support to enact positive change in the workplace

  • Address work-life balance and conflict issues

  • Peer networking opportunities

How does the program work?

During the program year mentors and mentees meet eight times, normally once a month, to discuss career and workplace issues. Readings related to each topic are provided by MHI as a basis for discussion, however topics can vary depending on the needs and interests of the mentee. The mentee is responsible for scheduling all meetings after the initial session and for articulating clearly her expectations of the mentoring partnership. Openness to feedback is encouraged, although each mentee is responsible for her own development. Conversations between mentor and mentee are confidential.



To apply, complete the on-line application and pay the program fee. MHI will confirm the receipt of your application. Once the application is reviewed and accepted, a member of the MHI mentoring committee will select a mentor for you and will communicate names and contact information to both parties. At that time, you will be given access to the online mentoring resources. Your mentor will contact you to schedule the first meeting. After that, arranging the meeting times is the mentee’s responsibility.

The cost of the mentoring program is $100. This fee entitles the mentee to all resource materials.  

Questions?  Email us at  




The experience was a fantastic ride. I am very happy that I was a part of the MHI Mentoring Program. I learned so much from my mentor. I was nervous about changing career paths and my mentor helped me build up my confidence. She shaped me to believe in myself. This program is set to outline your career goals and help you work towards achieving them. The mentors are in various work fields and there are many tools for you to use. This is truly a great program with a strong support system. The MHI Mentoring Program surpassed my expectation. 

Alejandra Adams
Bronx, NY    


The Mentoring Program at Murray Hill Institute imbued me with the confidence, knowledge and enthusiasm that I needed to wake up to a better, stronger professional self. I could sum up my experience by saying that the best chapters of my career have been written after I did the program. Thank you Corito, Teresa, Maria and all the generous and incredibly talented professionals who support us and guide us in the process of achieving our goals.

Silvana Jara
Long Island, NY


The MHI Mentoring Program helped me in many ways, most importantly in rebuilding my confidence, improving time management, and developing a comprehensive and balanced approach to goal-setting. While the program did not solve all of my problems, it provided me with a framework to tackle the challenges that come up, and to transform obstacles into opportunities. 

Jenny Chen
New York, NY