A Message from Teresa Carale, MHI President

Fifteen years ago, a group of professional women who were committed to helping women integrate ethical standards into their personal and professional lives founded Murray Hill Institute. That year, the Institute organized its inaugural conference, Women Transforming Culture. Over 200 women, representing 25 different professions, attended, from the United States, Europe, South America and Asia. Since then, Murray Hill Institute continues to foster effective and ethical leadership among women, primarily through its hallmark one-on-one mentoring program, as well as through conferences, seminars, cultural events, and discussion forums focusing on a wide range of topics that relate to women and the world of work. Through our programs and events, we promote an optimistic, transformational leadership that leads to decisions and actions that have positive socio-cultural impact, helping transform a culture of greed and selfishness into a culture of giving and reaching out to others.

We are pleased to note the success of our mentoring program. A select group of young women, who believe in our concept of leadership and impact, join the program each year. Their mentors, experienced professional women, assist them in acquiring the non-technical skills that will help them overcome the many hurdles they are or will be facing in their careers. They also give valuable advice to help the mentees navigate career choices. Because the young women involved in the program are interested in having a positive impact on society, we consider the mentoring program a worthwhile investment towards a future founded on respect for persons and the common good.

We are also entering into collaborative projects with educational institutions, consistent with our vision and goals of achieving greater impact with our limited resources. We invite you to join our annual Fashion Intelligence Symposium, a collaboration with the Fashion Institute of Technology. The theme of the 2016 spring conference is Authentic Fashion. In the fall of 2016, we are organizing a one-day Women in Leadership symposium, which will develop the theme Purpose and Impact. And each month, we organize events that develop leadership competencies, build cultural awareness and appreciation, foster networking and peer mentoring, and explore profound and complex topics that affect our world today.

As we embark on the next 15 years of our existence as a leadership institute, we count on your interest, participation in our programs and continued support.