Murray Hill Institute was founded in 2000 by a group of professional women committed to helping women integrate ethical standards into their personal and professional lives. In October 2000 Murray Hill Institute held its inaugural conference, Women Transforming Culture. Over 200 women attended, from the United States, Europe, South America and Asia, representing 25 different professions. The conference examined views of women within their historical context, the impact that women’s changing roles have had on society, and ways to better channel the contributions women are making in the workplace. Encouraged by the enthusiastic reactions from conference participants, the Institute adopted “Women Transforming Culture” as the motto for its programs. Since that time the Institute has sponsored other conferences, seminars, training programs, lectures, and discussion forums on a wide range of topics that relate to women and the world of work.

Murray Hill Institute’s programs are open to individuals of all races, creeds and ethnic backgrounds.

In 2001, Murray Hill Institute, Inc. was incorporated as a not-for-profit 501 (c) 3, as defined by the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions to Murray Hill Institute are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

The programs sponsored by the Institute are inspired by the thought and work of Saint Josemaría Escrivá, founder of Opus Dei, and the teachings of the Catholic Church.



M. Teresa R. Carale
Teresa Carale is the President of Murray Hill Institute. Prior to joining Murray Hill Institute, she served as president of Southgate Foundation, Inc., a not-for-profit educational institution in Houston, Texas. Before joining the Not-for-profit sector, she worked for nine years in the Global Research and Development Division of the Colgate-Palmolive Company.

A Fulbright scholar, Teresa received her Ph. D. in Chemical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Her interests include: Women in Science, Science and Ethics, Personal Leadership Principles, Character Education, and Developing Leadership Programs for Women. 

Alice Trimmer
Alice Trimmer is Director of the Rosedale Center, a supplementary education center for girls located in the Soundview section of the Bronx.  She was formerly Editorial Director of the K-8 music textbook series  published by The McGraw-Hill Companies.  Alice holds Bachelor's and Master's degrees from the New England Conservatory of Music and a Doctorate in Music from the City University of New York.  She is a violinist with the New York Repertory Orchestra. 

Martha Swanzey
Martha Swanzey is the Secretary of the Murray Hill Institute Board of Directors. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in education from The Pennsylvania State University, after which she taught in a high school for five years. She gives several talks a month to parent groups on the extraordinary value of ordinary life. She and her husband have spent one evening of each month during the past seven years with friends and neighbors on Cinema Forum – presenting and critiquing films from all genre, as a way of emphasizing how values come down through the arts.

Maria Socorro (Corito) Sevilla
Corito Sevilla has been working with The Bank of Nova Scotia for almost 33 years, both in the U.S.  as well as international. She has been assigned to work at the Bank's offices in San Francisco, Toronto, Malaysia, Singapore and Manila, Philippines, and New York, doing a whole range of banking services, from corporate banking, international trade finance, wealth management, debt restructuring, branch management, and currently public finance lending. Corito is also a Director and Treasurer of Harambee USA Foundation, a non-profit organization whose mission is to support educational and developmental initiatives in sub-Saharan Africa.

Corito is a CPA and received her Bachelor of Arts degree, major in Accounting from St. Scholastica's College, her MBA academics from the Ateneo Graduate School of Business, and the Advanced Bank Management Program from the Asian Institute of Management in the Philippines.  

Grace Perry   
Board member
Grace Perry is currently Managing Principal of GL Perry Associates, a consulting firm that offers Human Resources leaders, CEOs, Board of Directors and business owners strategic and operational expertise in compensation, performance and career management and benefits programs tailored to their unique needs. She has held the position of Vice President, Global Compensation and Benefits at Tyco Electronics, Comcast Corporation, Becton Dickinson and Company and International Flavors and Fragrances. Her experience covers Electronics, Media, Medical Products, Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals. Ms. Perry is a member and Secretary of the Turtle Bay Association, one of the most established community associations in NYC. She is also a past member of the Board of Managers of 100 United Nations Plaza Condominium.

Grace graduated from Mount Holyoke College, with a BA in Political Science.

Elzbieta Napierala
Board member
Elzbieta Napierala has been working in R&D of Bell Labs and AT&T Labs for over 25 years.  She has been responsible for technical development of networking products and services based on emerging technologies. Her global experience included development and implementation of a global network management platform spanning network centers across US, Europe, and Asia.  She was also responsible for planning and engineering of manufacturing systems for AT&T factories.  Before joining telecommunication industry, Elzbieta was a Professor at Iona College in the Department of Management Science and Systems.    

Elzbieta received her M.Sc. in Computer Science from Wroclaw University of Technology in Poland; Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering from Texas Tech University; and MBA from Monmouth University.

The Board of Directors 

M. Teresa R. Carale, President
Alice Trimmer, Vice-President
Maria Socorro (Corito) Sevilla, Treasurer
Martha Swanzey, Secretary   
Elzbieta Napierala
Rosemary DellaMarco
Claudia Fonseca
Grace Perry